What are the basic requirements for the application?

The requirements for application are a higher education entrance certificate equivalent to the German Abitur and sufficient knowledge of the English language (B2, CEFR).

You can check if your educational background is equivalent to the German Abitur here.

What are the English language requirements for the application?

The degree program is taught in English throughout. Therefore, proficient knowledge of the English language is an essential prerequisite to successfully complete the degree program. English skills similar to English B2 (CEFR) should be proven in an appropriate form (Higher education entrance certficate, TOEFL, etc…). For instance, in case your entire education was completed in an institution with English as the medium of instruction or your school leaving certificate states that your English proficiency is at least equivalent to a B2 level (e.g. German higher education entrance certificate) then it would suffice as a proof of English language proficiency. Alternatively a general English language test certificate is accepted. Official proof should be attached to the application documents.

TOEFL >=80
Cambridge Certificate “First Certificate in English” Grade C or better

Proof can also be provided by submitting a German “Abitur” certificate if it certifies an English level of B2.

What are the German language requirements for the application?

Since the program will be taught in English, there are no German language requirements. However, German language skills are very important, both for your life in Germany and later for job search after your graduation. The FAU supports you by offering many opportunities to learn German quickly and effectively.

Where can I find information regarding required documents for application?

Please use the DoSV for registration and the online application portal CAMPO in order to submit your documents. You can also find the required documents to be submitted in this portal. You can find a step-by-step guide to use the CAMPO portal through this video tutorial.

Do I need to certify all my documents? In which languages do you accept certified documents

When applying to study at FAU, you will be required to provide officially certified copies of relevant certificates, diplomas and other documentation issued overseas. This is the only way we can ensure that the copies you submit to us are identical with the original documents. You must also provide officially certified translations of any original documents that are not in German, English or French. You can find more information on Document certification and translation webpage.

Are there any scholarships?

There are quite a lot. You can find information on Scholarship Organizations page. The most important ones are DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) and Bayhost. Please inform yourself on the relevant homepages.

Where can I find more information about the exam regulations as well as the courses and their contents?

You can take a look at the current IBS Study Plan or the IES Study Plan to get an overview of the courses offered. You can also take a look at the Module Handbook for detailed descriptions of courses. All documents are aviable on the subpages for IES and IBS.

Is there a compulsory semester abroad?

The international perspective is complemented by a mandatory semester abroad that is integrated into the curriculum.

What is the tuition fee for the program?

The tuition fee is the same for EU as well as non-EU students. Students are required to pay a Semesterbeitrag of 127 EUR which includes administrative fee and a basic ticket that can be used for public transport. This fee is subject to change every semester.

How can I get ECTS from my previous studies recognized and apply for a higher semester?

In the case of a change of university or a change of the study program to a higher semester, subject-related semesters must be recognized. The recognition of subject-related semesters is always linked to the recognition of a sufficient number of credits. For each semester that is to be recognized, 25 ECTS credits must be available. This means that 25 ECTS credits must be recognizable if the student enters the 2nd subject-related semester or 50 ECTS credits if the student enters the 3rd subject-related semester. In case the student is unsure whether sufficient credits can recognized, it is recommended that the student apply for the first semester instead of a higher semester.

For the recognition of credits, an application for credit must be submitted to the WISO examination office.

You can find the application for credit transfer and further information on the homepage of the examination office under “Accreditation of examination achievements” and “Forms for bachelor’s degree programmes”:


The application form also states which documents you need. The application and the certificates of achievement must be submitted in the original. Please send them by post. The examination certificates must be submitted as originals or as certified copies. Each module that is to be recognized must be accompanied by a module description or a corresponding script so that the equivalence can be checked by the subject representatives. The examination office does not pick out documents from complete module handbooks. The application must include the module and examination numbers that are to be credited here at FAU.

You must also submit the appendices along with the application so that the examinations office can check whether there is also no final failure in the same or a comparable course of study.

Here is a summary of the attachments that must be submitted with the application for recognition;

– Attachment 2: Certificate of the previous university on examination entitlement

– Proof of periods of study (e.g. enrollment certificates)

– Examination certificates (e.g. transcript of records, transcripts, grade reports, certificates) – in the original or as a certified copy

– Excerpt from the module handbook for each module/examination performance

– or detailed outline or detailed script for each module/examination performance.

Requests for credit recognition will be forwarded by the examination office, to the departmental representatives of the chairs, for assessment of the equivalence of prior academic achievements. The subject representatives decide which examination achievements are then recognized as equivalent and thus credited. The Examinations Office cannot provide any information on this. It takes approximately three to six weeks to process the applications for recognition.

In the module handbook and the examination regulations, which you can also find on our homepage, you can find out which examination achievements are to be included here.